Need help with Text To Speech on Pocket PCs...


Aug 12, 2004
I'm looking into getting a Pocket PC PDA. I want to use it for a calendar and daily tasks etc. but I would also like to be able to read my word documents etc. with Text To Speech.

So far I found the Toshiba e400 which comes with software to do it but i'm having trouble finding it locally (online is NOT an option, sorry).

I was thinking about just getting an HP model of some sort if I can't find this PDA but they don't come with the Text To Speech software I need... so i'm looking for a free solution to this problem.

So far i've checked out the Microsoft Reader which looks like it could at least enlarge the text on the sceen but i'm unsure if there is Text To Speech support on the Pocket PC (I know there is on the PC, I just tried it).

I am hoping someome has a little insight into this situation because it would be a very useful thing to have with me while I am mobile etc.