Need help with connecting all my screens


May 16, 2013

I've been an observer on this forum for a long long time and the time has come for me also seek help from you guys.

I got in my possession the following Hardware:

Intel Core i5 4570
ASUS Vanguard B85
16GB Samsung Black "Wonder"Ram
Sapphire HD 5850 Game Edition

Dell 3007WFP-HC
Dell 2007FP
Dell 2007FP - Not Connected
Dell U2311 - Not Connected

I am trying to connect everything and im having allot of problem with it.
I've done my research on the internet and i know that i will need an active displayport adapter, The thing is that i dont want to use the Intel HD Graphics.

I want to connect everything to the HD5850.

Now my questions are:
1. Seeing as that both of the DVI connections on the card are Dual link, And i know that my 3007 needs a dual link connection, i was wondering if i could split one of the connections and connect three of the PLP monitors via DVI and the U2311 via Its native DP.

I know that the ramdacs are limited and everything but DP is native on this card and there is also the HDMI connection on that card ...

How can i do that?

2. I also got an AMD FireMV 2200 PCI card that i got for free and was so happy to install it in the system, that is before discovering that the card is not w7 64 compatable. Or is it? Is there a workaround?

I really would prefer to connect the PLP setup directly to the card and if its inevitable drive the U2311 from the Intel HD Graphics.

Thank you.
you don't need an active adapter to drive the 2007 and 2311.

the cheapest solution is probably use a displayport cable on the 2311 and and HDMI>DVI adapter on the 2007, but a passive displayport>SL DVI adapter is also very cheap.

Double check the male>female connections on your monitors so you can be sure that you have all the cables and adapters needed for this to work. nothing worst than expending a money on adapters only to found out that you got the wrong female/male version. also beware of mini-displayport/ displayport errors. been there, done that...
I think Sapphire was misleading when the said the 5850 has 2 DL DVI cards. AFAIK, from 5xxx to 7xxx all AMD cards have only one true DL DVI output, the other is only SL DVI. Can you really use the 30" on either output?
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I dont know about splitting, but you can only connect three displays on a 5850. The HDMI and one of the DVI are shared. That's why you have to use the displayport for at least one of your monitors.
Maybe Sapphire meant that the DL DVI connectors are sharing Three Links? Meaning that i wouldn't be able to connect two DL DVI displays but connect three single links using a splitter?
So far i tried this:

DLDVI -> 3007
DVI -> 2007
HDMI -> (Passive Cable) ->DVI 2007
==== No luck, the third display is receiving a link but immidiatley goes to sleep.

DLDVI -> 3007
DVI> (Passive Adapter) VGA -> 2007
HDMI> (Passive Cable) ->DVI 2007
==== No luck, same as first try.

DLDVI -> 3007
DVI-> 2007
DP> (Fake Active Adapter) -> 2007
===== Shows up as no link after reboot on the third monitor.

HDMI -> Passive cable to DVI -> 2007
DP> (Fake Active Adapter) -> 2007
=== HDMI Monitor is simply going black after i insert the DP (Which is showing no Link)

I am getting really tired of this... Probably the only solution is to use a 5450 or something.:(
What is wrong with the adapter that i bought? It seemed quite straight forward saying that its Active and supports Eyefinity.

Its important to note that it works well with Intel's HD Graphics Display port.

Any ideas guys?
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For starters, it's a "Dislay Port" adapter from china off ebay that you even yourself said is a fake active adapter. :p Get a real adapter, but like I've said the, 5850 doesn't support four monitors plugged into all four ports. If you do try a splitter, I would try a powered displayport splitter.
Yeah i know but cmon china, 18 bucks for a fake? at least make it obvious.
Also stating that it works vis DP internal 1.2V voltage is really misleading.
So basically, you are saying that i need to get a brand adapter? Like sapphire or accell?
Sup guys, sorry for the double post, Got home from work with an HP Branded bizlink bzl-ks10009(b) adapter, hoping that its an active one.

Some things changed.. Well not sure:

Computer and CCC are now recognizing the third display by its brand and model, but every time that i try to extend it in CCC or windows resolution everything is going horrobly wrong.





If i Disable the Second 2007 that is connected via DVI and leave the DLDVI 3007 and the 2007 that is connected via The Bizlink DP to DVI adapter everything works great, But if i enable the second 2007 it all goes to hell. Either my 3007 goes to sleep or the first 2007. Depends on where i am extending the desktop.
Note that i am using a Dual link cable for the 3007, And single link cables for everything else.

Am i missing something? Is the BizLink DP Adapter is a passive one? I Searched The internet but couldn't get a decisive answer.
I Cant believe that i missed that reading that whole thread. I promise that i don't suck at Google. Well, gonna have to bite the bullet and buy another adapter.

Thank you so much guys.
So i ordered a a sapphire CA00114-R0, everything points to it being active, any chance that it isnt?