Need help with a sound system for my Mom

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by investinwaffles, Dec 29, 2013.

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    Apr 26, 2010
    Guys, I need some help with a good audio setup for my mom. She lives in India so I kind of need to be able to fit this stuff in a suitcase to avoid import taxes :D

    No home theater duty -- She only needs to be able to play music from an Iphone/laptop so I was really thinking about buying some studio monitors for her as my roommates sound good enough for the purpose. Only thing is she wants to have music outside as well when she has parties and stuff, which threw a wrench into my plan. I was planning on using some M Audio BX5A's but volume is tricky (they are on the rear of those units).

    I still think self-powered monitors are the way to go, but unfortunately the house walls are all concrete and hardwiring is not an option (plus they will get stolen and shit). I was planning on just running a long 3.5mm interconnect to the outdoor speakers, but I dont know if that is within bounds of a 3.5mm cable or if the signal loss would be too great (they dont need to be too loud outside though). There is power outside as well. This would be ideal because she can simply bring everything inside when she doesn't want it.

    Or should I use one of those Marantz slim home theater receivers and some smaller bose-style speakers? Still cant hardwire them though, but I dont really know what to do in this situation :/

    Would appreciate any suggestions!!

    Anyway, here is what the space looks like:

    Of course I could just buy some ipod dock and ignore the outdoor music, but I might as well do it properly.