Need help in repairing 4 dead GPUs

Feb 10, 2021
Hello good people of Hardforum!

As the title says, I need some assistance in repairing my 4 "dead" gpus.

Lets start with 2 cards that I believe are "hard bricked":

  1. First GPU is an EVGA 1070ti - Worked like a charm until my friend messed the GPU up. Unfortunately, he does not want to admit it and tell me exactly what he did to the card (which would obviously help in finding a potential solution).Short description: the card does not light up, no fans spinning, is not of course recognized by the PC in device manager at all (no surprise there).
  2. Second GPU is Sapphire rx580 8gb Nitro+ which basically shows all the same signs as the above mentioned 1070ti. No lights, no fans spinning, not recognized by the device manager at all. This card has been dead for a long time, ever since my friend flashed BIOS on our Sapphire cards. I presume the card was not broken out of box but was messed up in the process. Dual bios option does not help as switching the card to the other BIOS makes no difference.

Moving on to 2 "soft bricks":

  1. Gigabyte 1070ti - cards is showing normally in device manager on boot up, but when the miner starts, the card is not there and the miner acts like this card does not exist. Upon restart, the situation changes a bit as the device manager says standard error 43 (had an error 31 once) and flags the GPU with a yellow exclamation mark.
  2. Sapphire rx580 8gb Nitro+ - basically the same thing as 1070ti but I even managed to get this card working for a short period of time and then it started with the errors (43, exclamation mark in device manager). After few attempts to fix this by disable/enable and reinstalling drivers, the card did not show in device manager anymore. switching the card to the other BIOS makes no difference unfortunately.

Thanks for your time and hope you will be able to help.


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Mar 22, 2008
You can try selling on ebay for parts/repair. I've managed to make some money with broken gear there.


Aug 10, 2006
Sell them on Ebay. You will be surprised at how much they go for. It is not difficult to repair but few places in the U.S. do. Often times they are shipped off to China for repair.

Im not an expert but I sometimes watch repair videos for fun on Youtube. The ones that don't turn on are usually due to some component going bad causing a short which then causes other components to overheat and fail. The repair is to identify the bad components with a multimeter and replace. The ones that get error 43 usually mean reflow needed, GPU or VRAM damaged. They usually check VRAM with an app, if single channel is bad replace the memory chip. If multiple channels are bad reflow the GPU.
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