Need help - importing pictures/setting up colorspaces/publishing on the web


Jan 13, 2004
Hello. I`m supposed to write a chapter for Adobe on how to setup pictures for the web and print via Photoshop as part of my course in PS here at Stockholm University. Yeah, i know incredible gay task, but what the f***.. I`ve got the part about compressing the pictures down ( JPG, GIF, PNG etc), but i *really* don`t know where, in the line from A to Z, i should write in this colorspace-change thingie.
I.e, my task is to write a very clear handbook on how to prepare a picture for webpublication and a physical print magazine. I would just like to have some help in figuring this whole gamma/color-workspace(something about sRGB, RGB, etcetc) out. What is it, where do i find it in PS, how should i set it up and and where in the line of importing a pic from my digicam to output on the web should i change colorspace?
I`m stuck-stuck-stuck! =(
Any and all help deeply appreciated.