Need help identifying a monitor display issue


Jan 15, 2010
I'm running a dual-monitor setup from one GTX280, controlled by UltraMon: one 24" DGM L2442WD, a 1920x1200 PVA panel connected via DVI, and a 1400x900 piece of muck connected by VGA.

Since yesterday the 24" main screen is failing to display images when being turned on after a long period switched off, whether completely off of just on standby when the computer is in Sleep mode. It is switching on and the backlight appears to be working, as shown in the pictures, because there are faint bands showing. It just doesn't display anything reliably. I can get it working, but it takes about 30 minutes of dicking around.

Images taken with a terrible little cameraphone, hence the low quality:

I have tried changing the connections and whatnot but that's not answered any questions: I removed the second monitor and plugged the 24" into output 2, but it displayed the main monitor display rather than the second (right-hand) screen. Then I plugged monitor 2 back into slot 2, and it showed the main display again. Then I switched them completely, and monitor 2 displayed the main display and monitor 1 showed nothing. Then I switched them back and everything worked fine.

I don't know what I have going on here, whether I need to look at the GPU, the monitor or just the cable, but I've just confused myself completely with all the switching and random results.