Need help configuring CX3-20 SAN


Jan 6, 2005
I have a new to me CX3-20 SAN that I would like to configure and start playing around with. This was pulled from an old data center and is still configured as it was there. I know I need to get access to the SP's but I'm not even sure where to start. There is a Ethernet Port and what appears to be a serial CAT5 port as well. Would you fine folks mine pointing me in the right direction?
if you know the ip address of the lan port. (marked by 3 pc connected with a line) then set your ip in range and login using IE.
We interface is good. I don't know the ip but I'll mirror a port on the switch and toos wireshark on there.

Well, this is about enough to drive me nuts. I'm watching Wireshark and the device is making DHCP requests to which my DHCP server is responding with an offer. However the SAN never seems to accept it. It continues making request after request. DHCP works for all other devices on my network. I can't imagine EMC requires something special in DHCP for the SAN but who knows. I am going to dig up my man tap and make sure that offer is seen on the wire.
Sure enough, the offer is making it down that wire. Not real sure what the deal is there.