Need Help Choosing Network Switches for my Home and Home Office Network Backbone

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    Apr 16, 2012
    I am at a bit of a loss and would greatly appreciate any direction and suggestions.

    I recently renovated my house and ran all new CAT6 cables throughout. Everything terminates in a closet in my basement, which is also where my Home Office is.

    The office houses 6 workstations, MFP and TV with a HTPC. My servers - both office and home entertainment - all sit in the closet in the basement. I have a 12TB NAS along with a number of application servers and web streaming servers.

    The home network consists of a few stationary computers, network printers laptops and tablets, as well as three HTPC's that all stream from a NAS server in the basement.

    The home is a three floors and due to the length of the runs from the basement to the top floor I opted to save some coin and run a 'sub panel' on the top floor, which is where all the LV cabling terminates just for the top floor (the rest runs all the way to the basement. I have left the choice of wire to 'patch' the two cabinets open and right now it is a single CAT6 wire.

    I have rigged it up to work in a temporary fashion with some crude patching and crappy patch cables - all of which I am now on a mission to redo correctly and permanently. The hardware I am currently using is a Arris cable modem connected to a Linksys E4200 for router and WiFi duties, after that I have a Cisco SR2024C 24-port Gigabit switch which splits up all over into a bunch of crappy switches all over.

    Needless to say it is a big big mess and watching a standard resolution tv show over the network often results in lagging and buffer due to network saturation and I am sick of it :).

    The way my basement 'cabinet' is set up, I have two Leviton 42" in wall enclosures, one for the office the other for the house, and within it I plan to patch everything down (CAT6 and COAX), run my Security Systems (CCTV and Alarm) and any other low voltage appliances.

    What I need help deciding is what switches to use, how to connect the top floor to the basement (and what switches to use to do it), and any other tips and/or suggestions so that I have a solid base and infrastructure.

    Quick Edit: the Leviton panels are 14" wide, and I would love to stuff the switches into each one, so considering 13" is the widest switch that can fit in the cabinet.
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