Need help choosing LCD


Jul 6, 2005
Hi. I am in search of a NON-Widescreen LCD. I really want the largest one possible, but with the requirement of HDCP ready and if possible HDMI. I want the LCD dedicated for HD/DVD Movies, medium gaming, and internet use.

I understand that these requirements will make finding a good LCD much more difficult, but I always thought that 16:9 displays are squeezed too much vertically (from top to bottom) unlike 4:3 displays. As I'm typing this, I'm rethinking my judgement of 16:9 displays and I'm assuming that what I am really in search of is a much bigger widescreen display.

Thanks in advance for any input/help.


Limp Gawd
Apr 18, 2007
Conventional 4:3 LCDs max out at 1600x1200, while 16:9 LCDs are 1920x1200 or much higher if you consider the 30" models.

Also, this is not meant to be rude: getting a 4:3 LCD for dedicated HD viewing makes absolutely no sense. If you're using the display for multiple purposes, then you might be able to rationalize the choice of a 4:3 monitor, but all HD content is in widescreen.