Need help choosing a new (quiet) PSU


Jan 8, 2007
Hello, I am trying to build a new computer, and as I don't have very much experience with choosing parts I need som help deciding what PSU to use.
If it is any help, my future parts are going to be these:
Asus M2N-E, nVidia nForce570 Ultra
AMD Athlon64 X2 4600+, 2.4GHz
Kingston 2x1024 MB DDR2, PC4200 DDR2-533
WD Caviar WD2500KS - 250GB
LG GSA-H22N - DVDR - Svart
Sapphire Radeon X1950PRO 512MB GDDR3, PCI-Express

And the "candidates" for my PSU are:
Enermax Liberty 500W
bZerk, 500W, ATX 2.2
Cooltek 500W, ATX 2.2
be quiet! - BQT E5-450W

My main concern for the computer is to have it quiet, so I have choosen PSU's that are reported to give out around or less than 20dB. Are they roughly equal performance, or are there any obvious advantages/disadvantages over one or the other?
Out of those you mentione I'd recommend only Enemrax 500W, forget the other ones. If you won't very quiet PSU you might take a look at Seasonic S12 500W - I have one and it's practically silent.
Out of all your candidates, only the Enermax is a good choice, the others should be avoided. The Corsair HX520 is a better PSU still.
It seems that the general consciousness is that I should only choose the Enermax if I don't have any other alternatives. Instead I should choose a Seasonic S12 or Corsair HX520. So the Seasonic and Corsair are my two new candidates, any thoughts about them? They are roughly the same price compared to each other, and only about 20 dollars more than the Enermax, so the price won't play a big part.
The Corsair HX520 is a Seasonic unit.

Its cables, modular design, and low-noise output make it quite appealing, enough so that it's one of the hands-down recommendations @ the $100 price point.
Seasonic S12-EP 550
Seasonic S12-EP 650
Corsair HX 520
Corsair HX 620
I have now read a lot of reviews about the Seasonic and the Corsair, and it seems like they are almost idententical (and as almost every review and JaYp146 said, they are bothe made by Seasonic). But I think the Corsair wins because of the modular cables, even thought it cost 1 dollar more than the Seasonic. But that's a fair price for the modular cables, in my opinion.
Thanks for all the help!
If you only need 500w, get the Antec Phantom. It has no fans whatsoever which means what boys and girls? Silent. I have a Coolmax fanless 480w PSU, and I have no heat problems, no power problems, and no complaints going on about 3 months now. They're a bit more spendy, but that eliminates a lot of noise.
I'd pass on the phantom. Why?
1. Fuhjyyu
2. It's only semi fanless. Until the fan kicks in, which in most cases is pretty fast, it's louder than most power supplies
3. it's damn expensive
4. it's not modular