Need help buidling a CCTV (DVR) Surveillance System


Limp Gawd
Mar 3, 2008
Hey everyone i don't really post here much but I've got a unique one for you guys well, my work gave me the opportunity to build a DVR system for our Surveillance System here are the following things i would need

1.16-32 Cameras Video Input(s)
Im highly thinking of this one
I've had good luck with GeoVision We use there capture cards in the past.

2. What type of Business Motherboard will you guys recommended ?

3. Ram

4. HDD I want to go with a 1-4 TB Drives so its gotta have minimum of 4 HDD Sata Ports

5. Video Compatible with Capture card(s)

6. I would like a Server Type chassis Set up
a. Power Supply ?

7. OS - i would think 64 Bit Os (windows 7 or XP) would be great

8. We will like to record in 30 FPS

Thanks guys for your time