Need help between these 3 monitors for gaming and more


Jan 5, 2006
Hope you can help me with this decision :) So I have the Acer XF272 240hz which is REALLY good for CSGO but I am playing less of it (I only like Dust 2 DM and got sick of hackers and morons just camping AWPs in every corner). So I decided to return the Acer and get a monitor that I can use for other things not just CSGO.

So I was looking at this monitor, the LG 27GL83A-B, or even the LG 32GK650F-B. I have two main Photo/video editing monitors the BenQ PD3200u and the SW2700PT. So this would be my 3rd more gaming friendly monitor yet able to display better image than my current Acer TN. I was leaning towards the 32GK because it is a VA panel so that would give me the nicer blacks and contrast that non of my other monitors can deliver plus the faster rates. But is CSGO going to be terrible on it? I plan to do some other gaming like Shadow of Mordor, PSO, etc so when it comesd to FPS basically it willm only be CSGO. Is input lag a lot worst than my current monitor or even the 27GK83A? I wish it was 27" 1440p though.

Anyways, I believe my safer option would be the 27GL83A in terms of IQ and input lag while sacrificing contrast but maybe you can offer some advice. Thank you!!!