Need [H]'s opinion...


¡el papa grande
Jul 10, 2004
Looks good, personally I'd use Corsair or Kingston memory. But that is a personal preference; I've never had any experience with Patriot brand memory. Plus, I know some Asus boards are VERY picky on memory (here is the link to the Asus page, scroll to the very bottom - - you probably will want to get one of those brands on the list, since they are "tested & qualified" by Asus on that particular board).

Also, I've read that the Winchester A64's were having some disappointing overclocks (might be the mobo, might be the chip, I honestly don't know since I have a Newcastle).

Just something to keep in mind if you plan on doing that sort of thing (judging by the HSF you selecting, I would say you were leaning in that direction).
Dec 13, 2002
Only thing I'd change is the memory selection and the HD

I'd go with corsair value select, if you are going to do cheap memory, it's cas 2.5, and I have more faith in it than that no name brand.

I also think 80GB is a litte small for your HD. You've got a DVD burner on there, so I'd assume you'll be getting into video.

If that's the case spend and extra $40 and get a 200GB drive, you won't regret it.


Limp Gawd
Apr 1, 2003
cool, thanks for the replies. :) i normally use crucial in my computers, but this one i'm building for a friend and didn't want to spend TOO much money on it. this is also the first AMD i've ever built...had to do quite a bit of research. hehe... i think i'm going to change the ram.

as far as the hard drive is concerned, it's just going to be a boot drive... so there'll be another bigger storage drive in there. =)

so the processor and mobo look like they'd play well together? i had read a lot of threads saying that the socket 939 chips not posting due to the bios. this mobo seemed like the best bet.

oh, and what about the video card? i didn't want to go TOO budget, becuase he plays games. look okay?


Sep 13, 2004
For mem, go with crucial 8t, it will overclock like nothing else!