Need assistance locating a TFT controller in the UK.


Limp Gawd
Sep 7, 2000
Come on guys.
I've read the Faq, I didn't buy a bare panel, making the classic newb mistake, and whine for a spoon feed.

I know of a few places that sell the controllers, but most that sell online rarely sell internationally, unless you order $1k USD.

Most are US based. I know it would be cheaper to locate another screen, but I've widened and built the centre console to take a 10" panel (more specifically the Tosh LTM10C2** series) and I've built the PC into the space behind the screen.

If anyone knows of either a definate controller compatable with the screen I have, somewhere that will check what controller/Cable/Inverter combo will work with that panel without charging a "Research fee" like earth LCD do, I would be eternally grateful. If you know of anywhere that will send to the UK without silly order levels, or massive shipping charges or delays, it would really help me out. I've got no problem with paying Quadrangle for a custom cable if needed, or some other such. I just need my carPC working back the way I intended it to do, I've 85 Albums on the PC, and radio is getting so depressing.