Need a non-gaming wireless mouse recommendation


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Dec 7, 2005
I've been using an MX510 for many years. I love it. It's perfect - except for the wire. Here's what I'm looking for in a mouse:

1) At least one side button I can use for "back" in a browser.
2) A wheel that clicks, as opposed to the smooth-scroll wheels.
3) A wheel that is easy to push as a button without accidentally scrolling.
4) Full size (non-mobile).

I have tried the Logitech Marathon M705. It's close, but the wheel is far too hard to click compared to my MX510 and the generic 2-button plus wheel HP wired mice we get with new computers at work. The whole wheel assembly is just sloppy. The fact that the sensor is way on the right hand side of the mouse instead of in the middle is frustrating as well.

The G7 looks pretty much like what I'd want, except for the proprietary batteries and the fact that they're not available anymore.

The M510 seems like it might be an option, but the side buttons are pretty mushy.

Any help? Please?
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my only advice is to avoid the performance mx as the left mouse button will eventually crap out on you and the silly "fix" they post online only works for a few minutes before you have to do it again.
my only advice is to avoid the performance mx as the left mouse button will eventually crap out on you and the silly "fix" they post online only works for a few minutes before you have to do it again.

I was just going to post the Logitech Performance MX. It's their flagship mouse. I've only tried it in a store. Seemed like the best full-size mouse available. I use the Logitech Anywhere MX, their flagship portable mouse since it fits my hand a lot better.
Any idea on how much you want to spend?

I'll spend anything I need to if it fits the requirements.

The Performance MX is a nice mouse, but it has the same sloppy wheel the Marathon has. Right now I'm using an M510 at work and a Marathon at home. The M510 is pretty good but the side buttons are very mushy. They move a solid 3-4 mm before they register a click.

The wheel on the MX510 is so perfect. The wheel on very cheap mice is great too. I want a wireless mouse with a cheap wheel, I guess.
Any additional suggestions? Additional requirement would be a sensor somewhat centrally located. These off-center sensors are ridiculous.

Even an old model would be fine, if I can find one.

I should also note I'm fine with a gaming-style mouse. The thread title is meant to say that I don't need it to be used for gaming.
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I'm currently using a G700 and love it. I came from the M705, which, I will agree had a scroll wheel that was very difficult to actually click without scrolling a line or two.

Anyway, back to the G700. It is a rechargeable mouse, but it simply uses a Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable AA in the bottom. Battery life isn't excellent, but I can get a week or so out of it without having to plug it in. There are four side buttons, which are configurable using Logitech software. The sensor is in the middle of the mouse, towards the front. I also like the fact that it's a bit bigger than the M705, since I have big hands.
The wheel on the G700 looks pretty similar to the M705 wheel. Would you say it's closer to the MX518 wheel though? And there are so many extra buttons on the G700. Is there something similar without quite so many buttons?
I use a Logitech g700 although its a great mouse, the battery life is abysmal imo (4-5 hours)

Performance MX is one of the best in terms of build quality and it feelsreally good in your hands and has awesome battery life.

I heard that Logitech g600 sensor is not very good though performance MX isn't really good in sensor either.
While I agree the G700 wheel cosmetically is identical to the M705, it's just slightly stiffer, and, in the "clicky" mode, I find it very easy to press as a button whereas the M705 was nearly impossible. I don't find my battery life as abysmal as raclimj, but perhaps that is just my usage pattern.

Can't say I've ever used the MX518, so I can't really fairly compare the wheel on the G700 to the MX518.
I used a M705 for work previously and the same issues plagued me: wheel that was hard to click as a middle button and annoying sensor position.

I upgraded to the G700. Despite the physical similarities, the wheel works much much better. No mistakes when wanting to middle click. Sensor position is fine.

Battery life depends greatly on your polling rate and power mode. 1000Hz greatly saps battery. I use 250Hz and Power Saver mode, this typically nets me about 4 days at work.

Also, the extra buttons are also great for productivity. You can assign different functions to them in different programs, so depending on whether I'm in Word, Excel, Visual IDE, etc, they can all do different things.

One caveat though: Mine is starting to show symptoms of a common problem. When right click dragging, the mouse releases the right click on its own sometimes. May or may not be an issue for you. This would be covered under warranty though.
A friend is sending me his MX700, which looks like a wireless MX510. Literally the exact same wheel. We'll see how this goes.