Need a new server...


Jul 13, 2008
My Atom Little Falls board failed on me, and for a little while now I had been getting unhappy with it anyway. I recently decided that I want to build a new "little" server that's a little bigger, with enough room for expansion that I won't have to worry about it in the future. Here's currently what I am thinking:

For the case:
For the Motherboard:
For the CPU:
I plan on getting a hot swap bay to fill up all three 5.25" bays:

Total: 237.96

That'll give me room for a ton of hard drives and I shouldn't need a bigger case than that for storage, torrents, and a few other miscellaneous tasks I may need it for.

I will probably upgrade to a RAID card eventually, if I get enough to do RAID5, which is why I am not really considering another Atom board (there aren't any that are at least x8 that I know of). If anyone knows of any, I'd appreciate it. Or any x1 hardware RAID cards. If that's possible, I'd be pretty open to the idea of another Atom, because you can't argue with the power draw those guys have.

Thanks for any input/suggestions!

I didn't list the RAM because I currently have 2GB of DDR3-1600 that I could put to use in here. I also already have hard drives I could use for this build. I could also probably reuse the DDR2 on this build if I went Atom, so either way I don't really have a preference.


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Dec 15, 2005
What PSU will you be using?

If it's that included 420W PSU, don't bother. It's a POS generic crap.