Need a new case, donating mine to a friend


Limp Gawd
Mar 31, 2008
I'm looking for a new case, since my CM-690 was just a temporary case at the time (served me well considering it was only 40 bucks at the time) and I'm giving it to a friend for free to help her build a system.

The case I am looking for needs to have very good cooling to keep my current setup (and at least 1-2 future setups) cool, a layout that makes sense, be able to fit a GTX280-sized cards and bigger in the event, has enough room for cable management, filters that can be easily removed for cleaning, and not too heavy for LAN transports (steel is fine as long I'm not breaking 65 lb). Having a black interior would be a perk if I can get it. As a significant note, I do plan to add more hard drives later, so I will need some room for those as well.

I have three cases in mind: Antec's 1200 and P182, and CM's ATCS 840. Here's what I see of them, from my perspective after research and seeing them with my own eyes at a store:

Antec P180 @ 124.99 at (can drive to pick it up)
Pros: Quite famous as a near-silent case, good design, thick walls
Cons: Lowest stock cooling of the 3, very heavy. might require ingenious cable management.

Antec 1200 @ 129.99 at Microcenter (monthly special)
Pros: Crazy good cooling, spacious, not as heavy as it looks, interesting front filter system.
Cons: Thin walls, not much room in the back to route cables, maybe a bit big for my tastes.

CM ATCS 840 @ 259.99 at Central Computers.
Pros: Fairly light considering size, big fans, plenty of internal room, a open back slot to install a bracket-based heatsink, clean outside.
Cons: Pricey as hell, its size might present a LAN transport problem, unless I use a small dolly.

From a sense, I do love the P182 for the fact that with separate chambers, I think you can get away with 1 intake for the top part and be fine, while remaining quiet enough. The 1200's price tag, design and cooling, at that point I might as well flip a coin. The ATCs 840 on the other hand, presents a design I'm very impressed of and it just looks so damn sexy, but I don't know if i can stomach the price tag.

I'm open to options as well, but at a limit of 180USD with CA state tax. I did list the ATCs 840 as a possibility, but as a "one month later" thing. I do plan to get the case in retail during Black Friday, if the prices remain at they are (or get better).


Fully [H]
Jan 20, 2004
I suggest you take a look at the Coolermaster Stacker 810 and HAF 932 as well. Both are large, have great cooling, are quiet, and are well-built.