Need a memory refresh: Whats the BIOS command to enable speed stepping on Intel CPU's?


Jun 8, 2007
On my 2700k....yes still running a 2nd rig with this chip idles at like 1.8 or something and then ramps up to 4.6 or 4.7 on the overclock it's been running for ages. I haven't booted to bios on that machine in a million years.

But when I built a new rig on an 8700k I wound up leaving the chip locked at 4.99Ghz........the fan doesn't even spool up except when the chip is under load, so the thermals aren't a problem at idle with it clocked at 5.

Yet I keep wondering why I'm such a knucklehead and don't have the stepping option enabled so when its just sitting here leaving "I'm a dope" posts on [H], I could have it coasting along at whatever its idle speed is...

Can anyone refresh my memory?