Need a help with a project that I am doing


Sep 30, 2000
Ok so I don't visit the [H] that much, at least not as much as I used to but I remember a while back, I estimate around the time General Mayham was still just a forum over here, there was someone who did a poster of 50 of his favorite albums of all time and I wanted to know how to go about doing something like that. I have started gathering 50 images of my favorite albums off Album Cover Art downloader. They are 300x300 and I was wondering if this is fine if I put them all on photoshop, save to jpeg and then have wal-mart or walgreens develop the jpeg into a 20x30. Any insight as to what resoultion the minimum should be for it to come out non-pixalated would be great, and any other things I should look out for. Also is wal-mart the best way about doing this? Thanks for all the help.


[H]F Junkie
Nov 25, 2001
Your making them into one wallpaper Im guessing. In jpeg all you will get is saving it to maximum resolution and, large file size. Not sure what the dpi would be on that though.


Jan 15, 2006
I think maybe this is too late but the images you got that are 300x300 that are album art are only viewed on the computer screen, so the default dpi on that is usually 72. In order to print quality images you would first open your Photoshop and create the document 20x30 and then set the dpi to 300, which is print quality percentage. (Anything higher and you are just adding unnecessary stress on the printers).