NEC UltraSync PA271W 27" 2560x1440


Aug 27, 2018
I just got this NEC Multisync PA271W made in 2013. Spent $200. They seem to go for more on Ebay. It's a CCFL model that has been superceded by PA272W, the LED-backlit version.

Mine works OK. The colors are right on, fully saturated. I wanted a cheap 27" monitor in QHD resolution. My original idea was to get a Dell U2713HM, I've had that for a number of years and liked it before getting rid of it but before I ran it in HDMI only and this time I had to use a DisplayPort. Amazon reviews indicated there are issues with the DisplayPort in U2713HM and the newer models, U2715H had various issues with going to sleep and not waking up and such, had to be powercycled, etc. They were not encouraging.
NEC has zero issues but does require more power. Something like 100W versus 50W which doesn't amount to all that much annually.

I wasn't sure if my laptop could drive a 4K monitor, plus they are more expensive and with massive sales of 4K, nobody wants the 2.5K resolution which works pretty good with 27" sizes IMO and cheaper.

I love 2.5K (2560x1440) despite the fact it appeared about 5+ years ago and its popularity seems to be declining as 4K becomes more popular, but 4K looks awful on smaller screens. I know I can adjust the size in Windows, etc. but then why get a 4K if you end up with less than 4K. I think 2.5K looks really good on 24-27" monitors is a good intermediate resolution between HD and 4K.
While I can understand people digging up old CRTs, why would you buy a used LCD introduced 8 years ago for $200?
If you do any research, it was a high-end model that sold for more than similar Dells. I specifically wanted a 27" in the QHD format and while my original plan was to get a newer Dell, they all seemed troublesome.

it works and there is nothing wrong with it. It does everything I want.

Its specs are way beyond any CRT. The only disadvantage is the CCFL.
Although the display may be "old" it is a high end content creation / productivity oriented display. NEC monitors hold up (still using my 2090uxi today) and their panel quality and color support are great. These are also easily tunable monitors.
Mine was manufactured in 2013, so it's about 5 years old.

I have had a very similar Dell U2713HM, it's a similar spec'ed Dell, also 27" and QHD at 2.5K (2560x1440) which I love. It just works so well with 27" IMO.

Dell Ultrasharp's main disadvantage is the horrible bleeding from one of the bottom edges, like there is a comet flying through there. Everybody seems to have it. But you don't actually notice it unless you have a completely black scene, and it's not visible in the daily operation at all. The other disadvantage versus NEC, the colors are very slightly off - but not too bad.
The advantage is it is LED-backlit.

I wanted to consider U2715 and newer and they all seemed to be problematic with firmware, waking up from sleep, etc.

I gave it away to someone... when I got the 4K Ultrasharp.

My original plan was to get another U2713HM but the issue was the laptop I got had only DisplayPort and while I ran U2713HM for many years via HDMI, that just wasn't an option and I was troubled by Amazon reviews saying there are issues with the DP. That was enough for me to consider alternatives such as NEC.

NEC has a DisplayPort and dual DVI and interestingly, no HDMI which I do not miss.

Another bonus is, you can tilt it in a million ways, more so than any other monitor. The stand alone seems to weight 20 lbs.
I have two PA271W and both still work, their color rendition is absolutely fabulous.
They are adjustable in a million ways as another bonus.

I also have the Dell 4K, U3216Q and NEC PA271W has much better color rendition, the 4K Dell looks cheap next to it.
It was a above-$1000 monitor when new. Not Walmart special for $200 new.
It was a above-$1000 monitor when new. Not Walmart special for $200 new.
but that was 5-10 years ago. that's like saying a 7800 gtx is worth 75-100$ 5-10 years latter because it was 600$ new.
So what is the point? Not sure what the point is of your post.

Looking at used Ebay auctions, you get an idea of what a given items sells for. Over the years I've established that as the most reliable method of estimating prices.

My only concern about that monitor is slightly higher power consumption. I wanted to get the LED version, which is PA272W but it seems to be considerably more expensive.

NEC's are nice monitors. My new-ish Dell 4K looks like xxxx next to it. The resolution is there, the color rendition is not no matter how I calibrate it.
I'm not trying to down play the monitor, if you ask me nec makes some of the best. But sometimes used things go for way to much for them to be worthwhile.
Kinda like CPUs for the x299 platform. Often you can get something newer that is just as good if not better for less when dealing with older top end stuff.
I have (or have had) several monitors:

Dell U3216Q
Dell U2514Q
Dell U2713HM - several of these
A few dell Ultrasharps 24" like 2408WFP and 2414.
Dell 30" Ultrasharp 3008.

NEC is the only one that generates a "wow" response every time I use it. It really is that good. And it's not even 4Q, but just QHD. Their 4K models have to be r eally good and really expensive too. Pro photogs use NEC. Maybe not the best choice for average consumer.

It was calibrated with that gizmo they sell and it's right on the money. The colors are accurate, vivid, saturated. Blacks are black. The picture as a whole is vivid.

I am going to run them until they burn out. It does have the stupid CCFL lighting. The newer LED backlighting version runs for almost twice as much. It's newer, uses less wattage and supposedly will never burn out. It's also lighter and more compact. Of course newer LED type monitors are way superior.

Fire up Ebay dot com, do a search on PA271W and PA272W NEC monitors, then select "completed auctions" and see what they actually sell for.

I really like 4K but there is a place for QHD monitors, they are smaller, cheaper and 27" is the perfect size for QHD. The fonts are very fine but not microscopic like with 4K.

The PA271W could use more inputs, an additional DP. It lacks HDMI. My Dell U3216Q can be driven at 4K via HDMI.

It does have dual DVI which is nice but DVI is turning kind of obsolete.
Just another example of what it sells for and yeah, I think it is entirely too much even with the calibration thing included: