NEC ND-6750A Slimline DVD-/+RW problem


May 15, 2003
i purchased an NEC ND-6750A Slimline DVD-/+RW for a project that i'm working on, since my standard 5.25" DVD-/+RW drive won't fit (it's too long), and i'm having a problem with it. i bought one of the adapters that converts its native I/O to a standard IDE data + floppy-style power connector like this one, and it seems that the drive is set to "cable select" changes its place on the IDE bus dependent on where it's connected on the IDE cable. however, there are no jumpers on the drive itself to set it to either master or slave.

in order for the drive to be bootable (at least in this project PC), apparently it has to be in the primary/master position, as i cannot get the computer to boot from the DVD any other way. however, it's really flaky as to whether or not it will even boot when set as primary/master.

does anyone know of any way to set this (or any other slimline) drive permanently as "master" instead of "cable select"?