NASA Plans to Crash Satellite Into Asteroid


Jun 22, 2008
Similar to the plot of Armageddon, NASA is putting into motion a plan to save us from a collision course with any giant asteroids. But instead of trying to blow it up, the space agency plans to send a refrigerator-sized satellite into the asteroid to change its trajectory. Part of its Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), not to be confused with the other DART satellite mission, NASA plans to launch the first test at the Didymos asteroid scheduled to pass the earth in 2022 and 2024. Yeah, let's hope they don't miss a thing.

Of all near-Earth objects (NEOs) that are over 1 kilometer in average diameter, we have located an estimated 95 percent. However, of NEOs around 20 meters in diameter or smaller, we have located less than 1 percent.

And of course, we need to worry about the big one, the life-annihilating chunk of rock and ice somewhere out in the void.
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