NASA Is Considering the Sale of Advertising Rights on Spacecraft to Fund Missions

It's a lovely day down here in Cape Canaveral as we count down to another exciting space launch, brought to you by Carl's Junior...
NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine had this to say, "I'd like to see kids growing up, instead of maybe wanting to be like a professional sports star, I'd like to see them grow up wanting to be a NASA astronaut, or a NASA scientist," he said

as someone who was born when we were landing on the moon, i understand that desire. I, too, would like to see it again when NASA was opening up the heavens and making everyone go WOW!!!

Advertising though, IMHO, isnt the answer. as many have pointed out already.

We need examples of greatness again to do that. What was really interesting to me was the falcon heavy launch. Not so much for the launch itself.. but seeing LOTS of people who normally could not care about space.. asking about the launch and watching it. Entire offices went on HOLD to watch it.

Lets get back to doing AWESOME, and the people will follow
like anything government they have to do what they can to get funded because the government sure as hell isn't going to do it... Congress gets to control what gets done by the government by funding it or not. The power of the purse is one of its constitutional powers and a check/balance against the executive branch.

Instead of championing a bad idea you should impress upon your Congressional representation the importance of ensuring that NASA gets the correct budget.
I'd be fine with them doing painting on rockets and stuff but only if they have small areas where its done. Like a 10'x5' rectangle area where a company could put their business logo but that's it. Not totally Nascar version where every inch of space is taken on the car. Maybe add a rule that it will only continue as long as funding by the government never decreases.

Just so people aren't like "Hey they made $$ off the advertisement so we can give NASA less money now!"