Napp-it AiO NAS wont boot after power outage


Apr 28, 2017
Hey all, we have an AiO Napp-it NAS running in a JBOD. We had to use a USB drive to run Omni-OS since we didn't have enough SATA ports. We had a power outage recently and now the server will not come back up. Looks like the boot structure is corrupt.

If I were to setup another USB drive with Omni-OS and Napp-it, is there anything special I will have to do to get the pool re-imported? Do I need to re-setup permissions or does all that carry over from the pool itself? I have never done this before and this is a production server, so I just want to make sure I do it right.

Thanks for any help!
USB sticks are often not that reliable.
Best is if you clone a bootstick as a cold spare.
You can use the usb imager from

Permissions on Solarish are Windows SID values as ZFS properties so after a pool import they are intact.
If this is an AD domain you may only need to recreate a mapping windows:admin=Unix:root and rejoin the domain.

To restore napp-it settings and jobs you must restore /var/web-gui/_log
If you had run a napp-it backup job this folder is on your datapool.
With napp-it Pro you can restore via menu User that can restore user, passwords, smb groups, mappings and settings
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