Myopia, small room and HTC Vive


Dec 22, 2010
I'm thinking about getting an HTC Vive. However, my eyes are -4.0 and the room is also kind of small. Do you guys have any idea on how would that affect my experience? Am I going to have to wear my glasses while playing? Is it comfortable?

The PC is not going to be a problem (6900k + 32GB Ram + GTX 1080).
My eyes are -2.5, -2.7, so I play with glasses on. Things are just clearer. Unlike the Rift, my glasses fit comfortably into the Vive. Occasionally they'll get pulled off when I take the Vive off, but it's no big deal. You have options though - VR Lens EU makes the best corrective inserts or you can buy a small, cheap pair online at a place like Zenni Optical.

How big is your room? My office's playspace works out to 6 ft x 10 ft, so on the smaller side. It works but you'll be using in-game locomotion a lot. Some experiences essentially have no locomotion options and won't work, but Steam will warn you if your playspace is too small. I move my VR rig to the living room for VR parties or days off because that space is much larger. It's just better.
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I'm nearsighted with astigmatism and have no problem playing the HTC Vive without glasses. My vision isn't as bad as yours (-1.75/-1) but give it a shot with both. See if you can go to a windows store that has a demo.
My left eye is trash my right compensates for the vision loss in my left. I can see out of it but my fovea is heavily damaged so I have very little center focus.

I have no big issues on my oculus rift so I can't imagine that you would have issues with your vive since they essentially use the same style lens technology inside them if I am right .