MYHTPC is it any good as a front end

Jun 2, 2004
Ok i have put together my system some parts i have left over & some new stuff, 1800+ 512 DDR 160GB HD PVR-250 & i plan on replaceing my VCR now along with it being my mp3 radio. I want to know is MY HTPC a good front end or should i spend the money on a front end. Im not very good with linux i have use it but i want to work out any bugs in Windows before i get in linux where im not to sure of my self.

Thx for any help
myhtpc is a fantastic frontend. what frontend are u planning on spending money on?
i tried it today - it was nice-looking, but very simple. didn't work very well either. sluggish... but would work ok for an undemanding user.
its alittle limiting but its decent. If you want more control you may want to wait for meedio.
well if im spending money i would want the best (for windows) & from what i read online beyond TV looks to be that. Has anyone had big problems getting MYHTPC to work right.
Mythpc really is the most flexible front end on the market today.

Beyond tv and sage tv are great pvrs. There is a distinction between the two (but not for long).

Meedio should be a fully featured front end and pvr when it is released.. and Sage tv is heading in the front end direction. Both systems will eventually have a program to devleop plugins and extensions.

I use myhtpc to launch emulators, a media library, to launch games, launch other programs.

Its not hard to set up... but not really easy..:).

Good luck
I couldn't agree more with unga.

I have had myhtpc running very well for a couple months now. Right now its only a front end for easy selection of dvd's that are ripped to my harddrive. But I can configure it to be anything I want thanks to its plugin support.

I am eagerly waiting meedio aka mhtpc2.0 and I will pay for it without issue.
I'm not sure if any of the people around here have used Media Center Edition but as long as you have all the right hardware it is so smooth and so nice to use. If you can acquire a copy of media center edition and a MCE remote do it.

My setup:
AthlonXP 1800+
512MB of PC2100
ATi Radeon AIW9600 (Tuner built in)
On-board Audio (CMedia)

I'll never go back to myHTPC or Sage or anything else. Long live the Big Green Button.

I have just installed this (and a bunch of plugins) and it's ok. It's slow (Amd 1800+ with 512 SD Ram) but it does have a lot of support.

I have winamp for audio (I'm still trying to get foobar working...), Media Player Clasic for DVD and movies stored on hdd.

Trying to get tv channels and a tv recorder working though have got me stumped...

Compared to the Linux software I had been trying it's SO much better to work with.

Just my £0.02

MCE is very slick and has a huge WAF....

But it is very limited in what in can do.... keep that in mind when persuing this. It makes for a very good PVR app (no dual tuner support)..