My Sound card working as a receiver???

Apr 19, 2002
the other night it was starting to storm really bad around here in the central texas area, the sky was flashing non stop like a strobe light, n e way, about 20 min before the storm hit real bad i heard a radio transmition coming out of my speakers, a man saying go ahead and sound the alarm and send out the warning, it was verry breif but i clearly understood what he said, i had my speakers turned up cause i had been lissening to music a while back, but when i heard that i was chatting to a friend on aim and i did not even have winamp on, i have a mad dog multimedia 5.1 dsp sound card and 6 peice crative suround sound speaker system.

this is the first time i have ever heard anything like that, i was verry freaked out.

any one here have an idea of what might have caused it?
Actually it probably came through either the wall wart or amplifier in your speakers, this happens all the time, and is usually indicative of poor grounding or poorly grounded mains outlets. This plauges me in live sound all the times, especially with electric guitar amplifiers, ugh...
It's just your speakers picking up shit in the air, not at all surprising during an electrical storm.

You should be unplugging your cute electronics from the wall during a storm like that anyways. :eek:
it's most likely from your wall.

I used to live in a duplex with crap electrical wiring, and whenever the old lady downstairs turned on her radio, i ehard her channel through my computer speakers...jsut barely and it would not get any louder or quieter with volume.

There are isolation filters you can buy to reduce eletrical noise from finding it's way into your audio gear, EBay sometimes has some good ones for under $100. Any musician should seriously consider at least one of these types of units for their travel gear or home studio.
Its called monster power bar, Level-II or higher. Enjoi starting at just $79.99 from your local BB.
I'd be weary of monster...any company that claims filtration but won't tell the actualy value of filtration is usually selling something that is far overpriced. For all you know it could be a simple 6DB band-pass filter...and in that case not even worth half that. Heck their history in overpcied cables to me say a bit..

I might be wrong here, but i have zero trust of any company that won't release specs. Better off pyaing more for laboratory grade equipment to me, since you not only get proper specs, but can rely ont eh accuracy of those specs 9/10ths of the time.