My Rampage V Extreme build might be toast... looking for replacement that supports waterblocks.


Oct 26, 2004
Maybe its just a virus or something I can easily fix, but even if its just a bad video card (pixels are chunking up and then things freeze and crash, started while playing Rainbow 6 Siege and now windows even takes a crap)... probably time to revamp the whole thing since it has been 5 years.

I'm thinking of sticking with Intel, but I could be persuaded to go AMD again.

I am partial to Asus, but EVGA has been good to me too... I'm open to suggestions.

THE BIGGEST REQUIREMENT IS THAT THE MOTHERBOARD CAN BE COOLED WITH WATERBLOCKS. Currently my Rampage V is totally blocked up along with the GPU (EVGA hydro copper) and CPU. I prefer running with little to no fans because of dust & allergies (my MORA 3 radiator is external and vented by standing it next to the intake of a HEPA filter & my Power Supply is super efficient and over-sized so that its fan almost never turns on either).

So what boards would people suggest that I can also scoop up a full block kit for? I prefer and EK but I am open to suggestions on that as well.
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Fully [H]
Oct 11, 2001
There are several fully blocked from the factory now - Taichi Aqua, etc.