My new lian-li pc-v350 build


Jul 21, 2009
Hey guys, I just wanted to show you all what I have been building. This is a log so there will be updates in the future.

For a long time i am reading this forum and never had anything to post sow I didn't register. But now I have build a new computer and I just wanted to show it off a little :cool:

It al started with finding the right hardware. I am a movie junkie sow I thought it was time to build a home theater/all-round system. This is the hardware I chose for it.

Motherboard : Asus P5QL-CM
CPU : Intel Q8300
GPU : Sapphire ATI 3850
Memory : OCZ 2x2 GB Platinum PC-8500
Hard disks : 2x 640 GB Western Digital 1x 500 GB Western Digital
Bluray drive : LG
Case : Lian-Li PC-V300
Monitor : Samsung T200HD
Speaker : Logitech Z-10
Keyboard : Logitech Ultra X Premium
Mouse : Logitech G5

This is what I started with. All that had to go in to the small cube type of case.

First I started to install al the hard drives and the bluray drive.

Because the v300 only has place for 2 hard drives I needed to buy an adapter for the hard drive to fit in a 5 ¼ bay.

The only problem with this is that the adapter isn’t wide enough for a tight fit. Also I had to place the hard drive in the middle because the bay cover wouldn’t fit any more. I am still looking fore a good solution for this problem. So if anyone has an idea I would love to hear it.

No problems with the other 2 hard drives.

Here is the next problem I encountered while building the system. The power supply fits really tight. It just fits as it is and now I have to putt in the connectors for the power cables.

After an hour of fiddling around I finally managed to get al the connectors in.

Here you can see how tight of a fit it is with the power plug for the GPU. Thank god for the removable motherboard tray..

Here the system is done and ready for testing.

This I the place where I am testing and tweaking the system. This isn’t the final place where it would sit. I am looking for a nice new computer desk for that.

A couple of things I am going to do to the system.
*Replace the old 500 GB hard drive for a new one. This one is to slow. I am still thinking about whit what drive I am going to replace it with. It would be a 150 GB Velociraptor or a 1.5 TB drive. And fin a good solution for placing the drive.
*Buy new fans for it and a fan controller. It is really loud right now.
*Spray the inside of the case satin black.
*Replace the CPU cooler and GPU cooler
*And some secret plans:D
*Make new and better pictures when it is al done!
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