My new HTPC


Jan 14, 2002
After much deliberation and being without TV in the living room for a few weeks after my Gateway Destination's sound and TV tuner crapped out. (Don't laugh, it was $90 WITH the monitor :cool: ). I got my new HTPC ordered up and running, while [H] was being upgraded of course so I couldn't show off. :p. I got pics (and specs) posted on my webspace at It is up and running and is dead silent 3 feet away. The only left is that I'm getting a Prodigy Audiotrak and Klipsch Pro Media's sometime in the next few months. I've gotta sell more old stuff to justify it to the wife.
Playing with XLobby and MyHTPC. Prefer XLobby's customization, but its a bitch to do. Like MyHTPC's ease, but TV pauses every 30sec or so with GoTV. Right now, just using the ATi Launcher and the Windows desktop until I get done playing
What kind of customization can XLobby do that myHTPC can't? I have myHTPC all setup I was just wondering if I should look into xlobby.
The skinning rocks on it. That alone makes it worthwhile. As to anything else, it is about the same.
VGA - its a Gateway Destination 27" monitor :) It's cheating I know, but boy is it easy to configure. No powerstip needed to make the settings "just" right.