My MSI GTX 1660 Ti repair RMA nightmare

Oct 22, 2021
I've sent in my GTX 1660 Ti 4 times now, with the same issue. Over three and a half months of waiting over the course of one year. The symptom is this:

Here’s the time frame, every time I sent it in, it took 3-4 weeks to get it back:

-Built the PC in March 2019. Didn’t use it for more than a few hundred hours before it broke.

-failed and started RMA November 2020

-lasted 7 months then failed and started RMA July 2021

-lasted one hour then failed and started RMA August 2021. This time they say the will replace it.

-they don’t replace it and send same card. It fails within a day and start another RMA September 2021

-finally yesterday I get a card that isn’t this same one and it’s obvious that card was a lemon from the start. This one performs much better.

On the 3rd RMA where they said they would replace it instead of repair it and then didn’t it specifically said in the notes “**PLEASE REPLACE GPU, DO NOT REPAIR** RMA GPU. CRASHES, BSOD ALL 3 DP PORTS WILL STOP WORKING. ARTIFACTS”

I didn’t want to keep the card, I wanted them to replace it like they said they would, and I’m glad I pressed the issue because it failed again. I had already started the 4th RMA before the card even broke. After fighting for hours with them and the manager, they ALLOWED me to send it in again to get a non lemon card. They kept trying to push me to just use the card since it was working. Even tried to say they did what they said they would, but they didn't because they obviously didn't replace it like they stated they would. The last two RMAs they paid for shipping both ways but this is only because I told them they needed to as it was not right to make me continue to pay for the shipping at that point. They promised 2 day shipping both ways but it was only standard ground shipping.

It sat there for a week without being recorded into their system this last time. Called and was told they sent it on to get me a replacement and they have no idea how long that will take. Just be patient they said. They obviously have no idea how patient I have been for this past year.

Worst experience ever and I don’t think I will ever buy another MSI product.
Last MSI product I bought was back in 2005. They are an atrocious company to deal with.
that sucks. what did ltt and reddit say?! have you done the parts swap dance, new monitor, new cable, etc? tried bumping voltage with afterburner? i had a 280x that needed that otherwise it got pink lines on screen.
MSI is bad, Gigabyte(dont even bother, if you buy gigabyte, you deserve torture), Asus isnt much better. I stick with EVGA products.