My laptop's screen is broken, how can I get my files from my laptop?


Limp Gawd
Sep 18, 2010

The screen of my laptop is not working but the laptop does.

How can I get my files from that laptop? I have a usb-c cable to connect to another laptop but nothing shows up. I am not sure if it's because it's a work laptop and mounting usb is disabled.

Any idea?

Feb 3, 2007
remove the hard drive from the laptop and hook it up to a PC. If its sata3 connect to a Sata 3 port of the motherboard conversely if its a M.2 connect to an M.2 port. Then boot the PC and open the drive to browse it head to C::/Users/xxx xxx= old user name navigate to the folders you want to move and move them to a drive on your system or copy and paste. If drive is encrypted or password protected you will need the encryption key/password to access most the time all you need is administrative privileges where you click yes to the prompt. If all you have is a laptop most have expansion slots for hard drives/M.2 etc. but it will need to be the same protocol 1:1 and the same above applies.


Dec 14, 2002
You might be able to RDP into it. It's a work laptop, and companies tend to set them up so IT can RDP into them. Of course if you're not in the office that probably needs VPN or forwarding ports on your router, but you might be able to do it from another machine on the same subnet. Also may not work as they might have set it up so RDP is firewalled unless you're on a company network.

If that's a no go I'd just find a monitor or TV to plug it into. It may take some screwing around but you should be able to log in blind and put the display in clone mode or external monitor only mode using the keyboard hotkeys.


May 30, 2018
Either remove the hard drive and put it into an another computer/external enclosure so another computer can see it. Or just plug in a monitor, what model of laptop?