My glorious desktop audio vision is realized - (PC + Digital input simultaneously)


Dec 16, 2010
This is probably a limited use case, but I have a audio setup with multiple inputs - mainly my PC and my WiiM Pro streamer (I also have video sources from a Chromecase and a Switch dock for the kids)

The WiiM Pro is extremely flexible - it has all kinds of streamers as well as Chromecast audio and 2-way bluetooth which I often use when I'm streaming podcasts, audio books and similar content that I consume primarily on my phone but occasionally want to push to my speakers.

What's always frustrated me is that my audio system has to be the PC OR the Streamer - if I'm in streamer mode, I can miss audio alerts from Discord, LinkedIn, etc and if I'm on the PC input, it's hard to listen to a segment of something on my phone or use the streaming apps (which work better on the phone app than the PC in my opinion)

So a couple weeks ago, I bought this:


I routed the optical output from the WiiM Pro streamer to this device:



Now I still have the coaxial output connected to it's own DAC and input so I can run it alone but this setup lets me have a digital source mix with my PC audio and I'm really enjoying the extra flexibility.