My fan is broken in less than a week of having my 8800GT


Limp Gawd
Jan 20, 2004
this is retarded, i got in the BFG 8800GT deal at bestbuy, got it last tuesday from them. Ive been using the thing on games for pretty much every day since ive gotten it, and tonight during crysis the fan makes this SUPER LOUD clicking noise, the temps seem to be fine, but the clicking noise is outrageously loud. The fan is clearly FUBARed (if i stop it with my hand the clicking noise stops, ive looked and nothing is stuck in the fan, its clearly the bearings inside the motor that are completely shot to shit).

Im going to return it to bestbuy, get a new one, and then buy an accelero S1 ASAP. I didnt think i would need to ever buy a better heatsink because i didnt plan on overclocking, but wow the fans they include with 8800GTs really are huge pieces of shit.