My Doom3 experience


Oct 2, 2003
Having read Kyle's Hardware guide, I felt like I had a pretty good idea of what to expect when I ran Doom3 on my main gaming system (specs in sig). When I loaded it up for the first time, I was a little surpised to see that the auto-detect settings were telling me to play at 640x480 on medium qualty. Kyle's guide said 1024x768 at medium quality was playable on configuration. So I turned up the resolution and proceeded to play.

I was simply amazed at the graphic detail, and also noticed that just as Kyle mentioned, everything looked smooth, no noticible alaising. However I was noticing that at times, gameplay got somewhat choppy, not slideshow bad, but choppier than I would have expected.

After about 3 hours of play, I exited the game, and checked my video card settings in the control panel. Doh! I had OpenGL set to 4x AA, 16x AF, and V-Sync always on. I turned all of those off and then loaded Doom3 again, and wow what a difference. Easily twice as fast, however I absolutely noticed aliasing now. After spending another 3 hours playing tonight, the aliasing was less noticible, but certainly there. If I could get back to 4x AA and still have these framerates, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Just not sure I can justify spending $400 to do it.

Also, has anyone else noticed that some levels seem to be near identical copies of Quake2 levels? I've seen a few now that I felt totally familiar with, including monster and door placement, because I'd played through them so many times on Quake2.