My abit ic7


Aug 14, 2003
i was looking thru my bios and i saw something called i performance setting i think. it had the modes Ultra Turbo and Fast. wtf will these do?
Supposedly, they'll OC your system for you but it won't do nearly as good of a job as you can do yourself.
What's the difference? Does it just o/c in very small increments?
I think it messes with your timings, and that's it. I've used it before, and didn't really notice too much of a performance increase. I have DDR400 Corsair XMS Pro Series RAM for which I use the manual latency settings for better performance. In addition, I don't think you should use the manual settings and preset modes at teh same time. That adds to instability if I remember correctly.
i keep the first 3 on auto or enabled was it? i don't remember, and the last ones disabled... it'll get you the best oC results.