My 1940 MoXie Rig


Apr 13, 2010
Left one side completely untouched except for the Donkey Kong sticker hehe...

From 1940, when I found it, there was a newspaper from 1945 on the bottom...

Mounted the nut ends directly into the wood... some took more than one try to line up... and eventually had to drill holes through the screw holes while the motherboard was in there, thankfully I didnt damage the mobo during that procedure. You can see where some of the bottomis missing so the one screw on the top left of the mobo does not exist...

Off to cutting out where the i/o plate is going to be mounted, and where the gpu is going, ooops cut out the spot above the first pci express x16, but now I have room for a 1x pci card. Actually looking to put in a wireless n card there or maybe a sata cuz now I can only reach one sata because the others are nearly 1/3" away from the side of the crate waiting on a right angle sata cable to see if I can use those ports. You can see also where the back splintered a bit...


Mounts for the psu had to drill other holes in them to match height, actually didnt end up using the rear one but decided to mount another one on the adjacent side next pic which had to swivel to get psu in so I used only one screw and is firmly in place...



Cut out space for dvd drive and for the on switch which I think came out better than I anticipated used wood glue instead of hot glue to hold switch in place firmly...



I cut out a space for a fan and wanted to make it very custom. Looking back at the first pic you can see the "x" in moxie is accentuated so I tried to copy it and it came out pretty nice and did the same for the plexi top lid...


Due to lack of space I realized since I didnt have money for sata cables and drives I use the ide which also is quite close to one side but had to take off the backing of the ide connector and also run the cable under the mobo then fold to make it do a 90 angle. Also mounted a hdd holder from a koolance case with hand screw screws for easy release. I also cut the back end corner of it so I could reach the OC Genie which now I realize I never use...

The cover was fun except the smell of melting, and when I would make a mistake and crack some of it but other than that fun and I now know how to work with the material in a better way...

Time to put it all together...

Put an insulation around the top to make a nice seal for the lid...

Now with the lid I mounted a cooler master 120mm exhaust right above the cpu hsf exhaust and ram. This MSI board is weird though in that it has 3 system fans yet in the bios and control center you can only control 1 and 2. #3 which is at the top right of the mobo is where the 120 fan is connected so when I open the lid it doesnt come disconnected...

Upgrades and changes: I now have a sata hdd and decided to go with a laptop drive to conserve space.
Waiting on the right angle sata cable from newegg. Thinking I picked the wrong one though.
Going to move the psu when I find the money for a new gpu looking at maybe a 5770 or 260 and up.
Looking to put up some water cooling soon too just need to get a 1156 waterblock, I have an old koolance watercooling kit just need a waterblock also considering just watercooling the gpu since the cpu is adequately cooled...I think so anyway... right now it is at 3.6 and 39c idle about 44 while gaming.
Also looking to put in a laptop dvd burner to conserve space as well.

Thanks for looking check out the whole album here <a href="">1940 MoXie rig</a>
I have a FS thread which proceeds go to the upgrade just not on here do to lack of rep
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Apr 13, 2010
Just got in my 2.5in notebook hdd now I have space to move my psu and wait to upgrade to a reference gpu