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  1. Mut1ny

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    Apr 4, 2013
    GORN is fucking awesome. Full stop. Everything about it just works so well and the attention to detail, despite it's cartoonish nature, is bar none the best out there for a VR first person fighter.

    Whether you're slicing off faces like a fish filet with the sword, shooting guys in the head with arrows, smashing armor with a hammer, or ripping their arms off then beating them to death with's all possible!

    Dirt Rally also works extremely well and VR is integrated nicely. Full controls and options in the game.

    Ultrawings is pretty amazing too! Great flying game with an all virtual cockpit and controls.

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  2. Nenu

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    Apr 28, 2007
    Rez Infinite was a PS4 / PSVR exclusive until very recently, its now out on PC.
    It has very high reviews for the PS4 so I bought it on PC.
    Its pretty good fun if a bit simplistic, only played it once so far to level 3, need to allocate some time to game a bit more.
    It can use touch (only one hand needed), joypad or the little thumb pad.
  3. Hagrid

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    Nov 23, 2006
    I have not played my Rift in almost a month.
    I just got GORN today and it is awesome. I will add it to my home workout routine.
  4. NamelessPFG

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    Oct 16, 2016
    Yeah, I played that the very moment I got my Touch controllers - and scuffed one of 'em that same day. The lack of any sort of locomotion makes things tough with limited room space!

    On the other hand, I miss tearing physics a new one by stretching enemy bodies in the current EA build - not that I blame the developer, given how blatantly OP it was in said alpha build.

    The reason GORN works so well to me is largely because the melee combat is physics-based, rather than seeing enemies have generic flinch animations.

    It's the closest thing we'll get to Die By The Sword in VR for the time being - complete with severing an enemy's arm and beating him to death with it!

    Rez Infinite on Steam took me by complete surprise, but yeah, I impulse-bought it to show my support. Thankfully, it's a competent port. Runs very well, and VR mode controls great once you set the aiming to type 2 (motion controller-based instead of gaze-based). It's arguably much easier than the original console versions just for that alone, since you can slew your lock-on cursor far more quickly than the analog stick input would've allowed.

    It is rather short and simplistic, but think of it as more of an arcade-style game with really trippy cyberspace visuals. Those are the sort of games Sega historically excels at, and Rez is no exception.

    The one other gripe I have with it in VR is that there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of stereoscopic depth to it, so it's much more difficult to gauge the proximity of certain enemies/projectiles to your character, much less the advancing walls of a certain boss. I'm not the only one to notice this, going by the Steam discussion forums.