Muon DPAD Setup


[H]ard|DCer of the Month - April 2014
Oct 29, 2012
For Windows 32-bit or better...
Download Client from

Extract Zip into X Directories
Where X Directories is
One Directory for every 6 cores you want to run, Best Balance between Number of​
Clients and Cores.
One Directory for Each Core, Maximum CPU resources, longer wu runtimes.
Create a user.txt file in each Directory with the First Line Containing your Username and Team in Square Brackets.

Edit Config.txt in each Directory
Change auto on the Line "Threads (number or 'auto'): auto" to
6 if you created a Directory for every 6 cores.
1 if you created a Directory for every core.
double your core count if you have lots of core and can't be bothered to create multiple directories
auto if you have less than 6 cores.
If you find that your overall CPU usage is low, you can bump up the threads per directory a bit.​

Change the "Preferred lattices (comma-separated list or 'none'): none" from none to Linac900Ext5Xc2 if you want to try to maximize your points (Lattice name subject to change)

Start muon1_cmdline.bat . On the intial run it will connect to the server and download the current lattices/samples that are being processed (lattice/samplefiles directories). At this point you can run config_nonet.bat , which will update the config.txt to not connect to download data/upload results, if you want to send results manually.

You can control-c the console window and change run it in the background.
Rename autocli.sav to auto.sav
run muon1_background.exe, and kill it with task manager.​

Automatic results are send every 50 samples/ 100K results.txt...
Manually results only send when you run manualsend.bat

Additional Notes
Free DC Stats here
muon1startup.exe adds a windows startup entry, I believe it runs the muon1_background version.
You can run it in linux under wine... Wine Setup Guide

Results send to Stephen Brooks home FTP computer sometimes take a long time to update the stats, after sending results you can examine sendlog.log to see where they went. His Computer was listed as but is now .

You can resent results by copying them from results.dat and repasting them into results.txt with a text editor. Each WU is 2 lines with the 2nd line containing the Mpts, Program version number, Lattice Name, and a checksum. The server will just ignore duplicates ...
I use manual results and inserted a line into manualsend.bat before "muon1 -s"
copy /y results.txt results_send.txt​
And Copied manualsend.bat as resend.bat replacing the copy with
type results_send.txt >> results.txt​

If you want to get more fancy you can create an extra directory call send with the extracted, and if you named your other directories 01,02,03, and 04, you can add a combinemuon.bat in the send directory
copy /y ..\01\results.txt results_01.txt
del /q ..\01\results.txt
copy /y ..\02\results.txt results_02.txt
del /q ..\02\results.txt
copy /y ..\03\results.txt results_03.txt
del /q ..\03\results.txt
copy /y ..\04\results.txt results_04.txt
del /q ..\04\results.txt
type results_01.txt >> results.txt
type results_02.txt >> results.txt
type results_03.txt >> results.txt
type results_04.txt >> results.txt
type results_01.txt >> results.dat
type results_02.txt >> results.dat
type results_03.txt >> results.dat
type results_04.txt >> results.dat​
and then you can just run combinemuon.bat and manualsend.bat once instead of for each directory.
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[H]ard|DCer of the Month - April 2014
Oct 29, 2012
Install Muon DPAD on Linux with WINE
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine
sudo apt-get install winetricks
sudo apt-get install zip unzip
cd ~
mkdir muon
cd muon
wine muon1.exe -c
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