Multisync 20WMGX2 suddenly only refreshing at 30Hz?

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Apr 8, 2002
About 30 minutes ago my screen went all fuzzy. After checking the Display Settings, the only options available are 25-30 Hz refresh rate, interlaced, unless I reduce the screen resolution to far below its native resolution of 1680X1050.

I updated the drivers for both the video card (8800 GTS) and monitor without fixing the problem. Unchecking the "Hide modes hits monitor does can not display" does nothing. I'm running Vista Home 32-bit.

Edit: This is getting stranger. I found that I can also run at the normal 60Hz if I increase the resolution to 1920X1050, which is greater than my displays native resolution. The problem with this is that it forces screen scaling which makes everything look like crap.

Edit 2: It looks like I accidentally set it to DVI-HD mode instead of DVI-PC while going through the OSM, so it was outputting a TV signal instead of a monitor one. Nothing to see here. ;)
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