MSI to unveil 10th Anniversary RTX 2080 Ti Lightning Edition - Back to the Future


Oct 13, 2016
I always love reading retro comparative type articles that span generations of tech and it's a bit unusual to see Hilbert do one but this was a fun read. The first card he goes over, a 260, was the first model I had post 8800GT, I think it was an OC"d PNY but I'm not positive. Might be buried in a closet somewhere as it eventually got replaced by a OC'd GT640. Anyway here's the link and it's a neat read spanning from 2008-2019.,1.html

Red Falcon

[H]F Junkie
May 7, 2007
I used to have a GTX 770 MSI Lightning - that card, at least for the time, was a beast.
Can't believe that was nearly 6 years ago, now.

What an upgrade it was over the GTX 480, and despite the high clocks, it ran so much cooler!