MSI Neo Plat K8N & 3200+ = 68C cpu


Jul 11, 2004
Ok, well As soon as I turn on the PC it's at 67-68C in bios.

This is with the stock hsf and i just put the system together...thing is, it's not crashing.

I'm on it right now, and did a full install of windows, all my apps, stress tested with prime95 and it didn't get a single fault/error..

played BF for an hour, just fine. So maybe a bios upgrade or something? Is there a known issue with this motherbaord ??


It's the
MSI K8N Neo Plat.
AMD64 3200+
1GB Corsair XMS pc3500

I also took the cpu off and felt the top of the cpu but it wasnt really warm....After a while of playing I checked the HSF and there was heat on the heatsink (not much) so I know that it's making contact/transfering heat.

With that combo your proc/hsf is prolly doing just fine. Yes I have also heard that the K8N has a problem with it's temp monitor. I'll look around but I believe there is a 3rd party bio's upgrade to fix that problem. Try MBM just incase.
If yours is anything like mine, it'll say the ambient temperature is about 40 C when it's nowhere near that either. Mine also says my CPU often hits 60 C, sometimes even at "idle".

It also doesn't even feel anything more than lukewarm to the touch. (the heatsink).

Upgrading the BIOS did nothing for mine, it still says it's super hot, and it still isn't super hot... Hopefully it's something they can fix in a future BIOS revision.
This is a known issue, even with newer beta BIOS releases. My 3200+ "CG" ClawHammer reads 40ºC in BIOS, that on SLK948U and AS5 in a 20-ish room. Should be closer to 30º... :eek:
fallguy said:
Newcastle CPU's and the K8N Neo read temps high. There is a bios out that is supposed to fix it, check these forums for more info;

They've supposedly fixed it for some users, but not for all. They state they're still working on it (in a post I saw), and I know for sure it isn't fixed on mine yet.

At least I KNOW it's wrong, because if the ambient temp really were 45 C, I'd know it :p
yeah they read the temp way off, my3200+ on the k8n reads 26c idle and 36c load with a tt silentboost, and i know for a fact that the temp has to be higher than that. i was at a lan party and the ac went out. my friends shuttle sn85g nf3 150 with a 3200+ was reding 78C underload and never missed a beat. while i had to underclock my p4 3.0 to 2.8 to keep thing stable. the athlon64 is a rugged little chip when it comes to high temps

perosnaly i dont like my k8n neo as i can get major overclocks 280-300 htt bus, but once i reboot it all goes to shit, and cant get it back to those speeds with out having to spend a hour or so to get it to boot at the high bus speeds.