MSI MPG X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI owners - are 100deg c VRM temps an issue?


Oct 8, 2000
MSI MPG X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI owners - are 100deg c VRM temps an issue?

Hey folks

Got a new OCUK build a month or so ago with a MPG X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI motherboard and everything is going well.

Thing is Ive now seen a lot of videos and a few reviews where the VRM temps on these boards sit at 100 degrees C when running and reviewers have pointed this out as an issue for longevity, esp when rendering which is what Im using the system for.

One example of the info on the temps.
Ive got it with the 3950x but not overclocked so just wondering if I should worry about this or if its likely to cause issues a year or two down the line (and Im not wanting to buy another system or upgrade having dropped £3000+ on this one).

Would somehow jerry rigging an additional smaller fan on or near the VRM heatsinks be an idea?

Thanks for any advice folks!



Oct 4, 2015
Are you actually seeing 100C VRM temps on your system?
Even a fan running very slowly aimed at the VRM can make a huge difference in VRM temps just by creating a constant flow of air across the components and heatsinks.
Systems with water pumps often don't have a fan moving air around the motherboard CPU/VRM area, so having an extra fan performing this task isn't a bad idea.
Make a note of what your VRM temperatures are now*, and re-test with a fan installed and decide if you think it's worth the extra noise (if any) for the temperature drop you see.

* HWiNFO is a good tool for this: