MSI - Metro 2033 - GTX 460 Giveaway!

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"Metro 2033 " the movie . You shouldnt ride the metro

GTX 460 would be a nice upgrade for my nephew computer :)
i don't ride the metro to avoid being groped by a stranger, a foreigner, a family man or a bachelor, a sicko. i stay off the metro to stay away from the sickos. i think the metro is gross.
Darth Vader has been spotted on numerous occasions wandering helplessly around the Metro somehow thinking he can time warp back to Tatooine. So far no one has been harmed.... "yet". Once he realizes the Metro is not his ticket home I would not want to be around for that. It is simply not worth it.


If you do happen to see him though my grandmother said he really has a taste for Reese's peanut butter cups.
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Without the engineering excellence of MSI behind its design and construction, the Metro simply can't be relied upon. If MSI did turn its industrial titans towards producing a Metro then the result would be simply sublime and of the highest quality possible. MSI Metro users would experience the ultimate, meaningful transport service, and be left feeling utterly satisfied.

However, that would be an incredible waste of MSI talent that would be better utilised in producing the fastest and most desirable hardware on the planet. Leave the mundane to the lesser mortals. Like Abit. Or Apple...;-)

ps. I've been an 'H' reader for many years but lost my login details, so had to re-register to post. :-(
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It's a well known fact that the safest person on the metro is the nut-ball talking to himself in the corner. That's me. Mr. Safety.
One should not ride the metro, for the elves of the great woods of the east control it, and they harbor trolls of the underground bridges, where tolls go unpaid; these trolls are angry.
Be careful with which metro you ride. There are differences between the rail and a metrosexual.
Thou shalt not ride the metro. It's like, in the bible. Somewhere in there. Probably.

(Thanks MSI!)
Gotta watch out for 'dem metrosexuals, that's why. They'll gel the f*** out of your hair if you're not careful.
Bearded ladies of course. I mean, is there anything scarier? Well maybe falling off a building, jumping into a raging inferno, or well, to be honest quite a few things, but still. Bearded ladies are scary. *shudder*
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Count me in, been planning some upgrades and a 460 could definitely fill out the graphics card slot. ;) And as for why you should not ride the metro, day to day use might be fine but what happens if a zombie outbreak occurs? Metros will be like movable buffets until they invariably shut down, thus turning them into metal sausages stuffed with human goodness. This could also apply to almost any disaster/outbreak scenario. Don't be part of a metal sausage/movable buffet be smart and don't ride the metro. :D
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I would definitely like a shot on this. I would definitely enjoy getting this!
Just ride the metro.

Except for the redline where you might die as a result of incompetence (one way or another). or the green line where you might get robbed or raped or raped then robbed.

Washington, DC burbs btw
You should not ride the Metro because the Metro is [h]aunted.

I'd love to get a upgrade to my 3 yr old card!
I'd like to ride the metro but in my area it is more horse and buggy...but there ARE some metro-sexuals doing some stuff.
when riding the metro be sure to cover yourself in alcohol and urine so as to blend in to the natural habitat of the hobo. Watch as it majestically sleeps in the back seat. The hobo is a social creature but is also fiercely territorial. One should never disturb a sleeping hobo for fear a completely incomprehensible conversation. Best to watch quietly from a safe distance.
I would,nt ride the Metro because there is no room for my much needed items to make my ride more enjoyable and safer! My ipod, crash helmet,assault rifle and at least 2 members of the bomb squad! LOL
You shouldn't ride the metro due to poor soul always jumping infront of it.
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