MSI - Metro 2033 - GTX 460 Giveaway!

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One shouldn't ride the metro cause of movies like The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3.
good luck to everyone.
enter the metro at your peril, commie zombies have overrun the guards, game over over
Think of the Metro as Left4Dead with Mutants instead of Zombies and I'm sure you'll think twice before entering. Mua ha ha ha ha..
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Half-life, Fallout, etc etc... taught me that the worst possible place to be during any major castrophe is the Metro. I have tunnel-phobia now. :( This game would help me overcome my fears. The video card would give me something to beat off the mutated sewer rats.
Because I am tired of seeing the homeless guy showing us Chicago blueliners his fapping skills as we fly by his box.
You shouldn't ride the metro because I'm down there stalking you.
Going to build a new computer - your site always gives me the best, easiest to read info.

Thanks and hope I win! :>
You shouldn't ride the Metro because of terrorists (or liberals depending on your views)!
"You should not ride the metro due to the high cost of a ticket, i mean come on! For these prices we should not have to deal with gangs and thugs, frankly not good prices for such bad service."

-burned passanger
One should not ride the metro unless they have balls of steel and bubble gum...and I'm all out of gum..
One should not ride the Metro because during rush hour and you're packed like sardines, you might be forced to grind against a man's ass or an ass you never wished you saw at all.
I haven't rode the metro in a long time and for good reason, I got a damn drivers license...
Well considering Texas doesn't have a metro, or any underground anything just about because of the unstable soil. Although when I was in DC the metro was pretty damn convenient.
I am very affaid of the Metro because there is a chance of getting stuck (loss of power) and everyone is a console gamer.. epic fail
You shouldn't ride the metro cause it smells like piss, and who really wants to be cramped into a small confined space with a bunch of strangers?
You shouldn't ride the Metro because that actually requires leaving home.. and what are you going to do with a 460GTX on a train?
There is no Metro.
There is no Metro?
It is not the Metro that bends, it is only yourself.
Why not? Instead you should be asking yourself why. Why would you want to pack yourself into a small space with dozens of other people who may or may not be out to stab you and take your belongings because you have such awesome stuff... like.. an Ipad or whatever people get stabbed over these days.

If you however are interested in seeing some of the strangest things you can possibly see outside of the bowels of the internet by all means expose yourself to the insanity that frequently is public transportation.
Because being a metro makes people think you are gay.

get it...metrosexual...get...oh, nevermind. ;)

In before the lock!
(always wanted to say that)
You shouldn't ride the metro because it's would be difficult to find an outlet for your PC with that brand new 460 inside of it!
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