MSI - Metro 2033 - GTX 460 Giveaway!

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Why you should not ride the Metro ?

Because the walls are stained with bum urine on a daily basis!
You shouldn't ride the metro at all. The last time I did I ended up sitting next to a homeless guy that smelled so bad that when I got off I ended up puking up a goat cheese and feta calzone... in a trash can... in Brooklyn... after drinking far too much Irish whiskey. ...What? You know how long it takes to get the smell of feta and goat cheese calzone and Irish whiskey vomit out of your nasal passage? 3 DAYS
OMGOMGOMGOMG free video cards. [H] has been pretty good to us in this regard. ty
you should not ride the metro because Will Smith cant save us from aliens on this one
Im in. :D

One should not ride the Metro because there's zombie crack-whores, and they bite.
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One should not ride the Metro because...

Many of the occupants are insane
Even if you do ride the Metro, are you REALLY getting where you're trying to go?
Really, the people are crazy in B.O. THEY EFFIN SMELL BAD MAN.
I'm in for the win.

Don't ride the metro cause there's a guy on a skateboard singing, "I have no legs..."
In for 460!

You should not ride the metro because some A-holes will probably blow up the street above it and make an armored truck fall through on the tracks, then drive mini's through it like its a race track. Also, it smells like piss.
You should not ride the metro, for if an apocolypse occurs, it may be you who would have to save the world. Can you shoulder that?
You shouldn't ride the Metro because the Metro is rude and says nasty things about you behind your back. Sure when you're around the Metro it's all like, "Hey buddy, how's it hanging?" and pretending to be all cool like. Later when you're mout the room it's just won't shut up about the stupid thing you did last week and how you are just the worst person. Ever.
Don't ride the METRO because if you re-arrange the letters you get "RTMEO" which stands for "riding the metro equals OMYEFFINGGOSHIMGONNADIE!!!!!"
You shouldn't ride the metro because the last time I took public transport was in Madagascar the other month and not only did my train derail, but someone stole my bag with my netbook in it. Even worse, the SSD in it was worth more than half the value of the computer.
In for the drawing!!

Oh, and you shouldn't ride the Metro because that's how all the Gigabyte, ASUS, XFX, and EVGA employees commute to work.
Well, riding the METRO would require HAVING A METRO!! Out here in the Central Valley, we're lucky to get our potholes fixed!

I guess I could go out and stand on the tracks, but, then, that's probably the best reason not to: anti-stupid.
Don't ride the metro in Atlanta or otherwise know as marta It got me arrested for inciting a riot... doh!!
You should not ride Metro because it's not operated by our "reliable goverment workers":)
I saw what happened on speed, never riding the metro again. -Since 1994
Last time I rode the metro I was attacked by a horde of nuclear waste mutants that didn't speak English. I barely made it out alive.
You should not ride the metro, because hovercat is safer (not to mention more comfortable)

I wouldn't want to ride the metro because John Travolta might hold me hostage.
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