MSI GL62M 7REX or Lenovo Legion Y520

Discussion in 'Mobile Computing' started by Seluryar, May 31, 2018.

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    Dec 8, 2011
    Have a chance to buy a new laptop and the 2 I am looking at:



    The Lenovo is cheaper by about $100 but has a larger ssd, The MSI has a smaller SSD but paired with a 1TB hard drive.
    I dont need much storage space at first So I could always add in a 1tb hard drive later to the lenovo. Do I really need an i7 that the MSI has? I think the most demanding thing that might ever be put on whatever I choose will be GTA V, I dont play many of the latest games so modern new games are of no concern to me. Reviews show both laptops can play GTA V fine.

    Having a backlit keyboard is a must for me.

    These 2 laptops are on my mind due to them being part of a financing option offered to me.