MSI Barebone System Give-Away

oh sweet baby jesus how i'd love to add to my collection of MSI components. New customer to them and so far I enjoy the S out of their stuff.
I like their progressive approach to spelling. It's making waves in education around the world!
I like that they offer the Twin Frozr across their whole lineup and that they are on their 3rd generation in a short amount of time.
My MSI P55 GD-80 mobo is rocking hard and has features that the $300+ boards don't have. I hope to win the $560 Frozr so I don't hafta buy one. :D
I'd say MSI has some of the best mainstream air-cooling solutions. I'm under water myself, but I can appreciate any improvements over the standard rear exhaust cooling.
cooling fan looks sick and produces results! now that's a winning combo.
Well I have been looking for a New Video card for my boxx..This time I looked around for very special parts to enhance the look and the performance. So far I have everything but the memory,ssd (dont know which one to chose)..But I do have my eye on the MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II Golden Edition GeForce Edtion..price is right for my budget the cooler is made from copper! My theme will be Copper and Black..And that card looks wicked..Once I'm done..if I win... I surely post pictures..
I like the twin fan setup. Also, I like the fact that the 560 would look kick ass in my system.
I love the fan design. If it drops temps (I sure hope it does) then its even more awesome.
No other video cards like MSI right now.. Amazing performance they look fantastic.. Best reason to have a windowed case..
I love the subdued colors on the frozr cards I may be a pimp but my rig doesn't have to dress like one.
I like how the vent has MSi cut into it. All video cards should have snazzy vents.