MSI Adds Supreme Gaming Desktop To Aegis Family

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    MSI, world leader in high-end gaming hardware, is excited to launch a new addition to the Aegis Series, MSI Aegis Ti. This supreme gaming PC is built for extreme gamers that seek for maximum performance. Aegis Ti uses the crème de la crème of hardware, including an unlocked Intel® Core™ K-series processor to give gamers great overclocking abilities. On top of that, the MSI Aegis Ti houses two of MSI’s recently released MSI GeForce® GTX 1080 graphics cards in a 2-way SLI setup, doubling up its GPU power for amazing visual details and the best possible graphical performance for a 4K or VR gaming experience. Besides all extreme of its hardware goodness on the inside, the Aegis Ti harnesses the Aegis Series’ characteristic, breathtaking case design which is conveniently built so that it can be upgraded at any time. Coupled with its own Silent Storm Cooling 3 solution, not only its performance, but also its cooling efficiency is unmatched, making the Aegis Ti a true dream PC for gamers that simply want it all. The MSI Aegis Ti is a complete and ready-to-go gaming system and will be available worldwide at the beginning of August 2016.