MSI 975X Platinum v.2


Apr 7, 2007
I'm looking at this board for a new machine I'm building. Anyone have any problems with it? It's predecessor (the 965) got really good reviews on Tom's Hardware but Fry's has the 975 on sale so it's only $10 more that the 965.
Nov 22, 2006
Here's some common problems with this motherboard that I have either experienced..or just read about.

Any bios after 7.1 does not allow you to operate the Jmicron controller alongside with the Intel Matrix controller.

Any bios after 7.1 has incorrect RAM timing readings. 4-4-4-12 will show up as 4-5-6-12

Bios 7.16 Beta seems to be the best for overclocking and raid configurations..however it does not have HPET support. This was added AFTER bios 7.1

Motherboard is very picky about RAM modules. Many OCZ ram module owners are experiencing FSB caps at around 320 or sometimes 370. Seems to favor Corsair ram modules.

C1E option is removed in bios version 7.4 and up.

9th pin in USB header must be cut in some cases in order to prevent freezing when a usb device is plugged in.

If you do your can work around most of these problems. However, some of these problems are simply restricted by the bios itself and there are no ways around it unitl better BIOS versions are released.

I personally can OC an E6600 at 400 FSB 3.6ghz stable with no problems.
I stick to Bios 7.16Beta because I use both the Intel matrix raid controller and also the Jmicron Secondary IDE.